What’s the deal with strobing?

NYX strobing kit

So I’ve mastered contouring…or not. I have no shame in admitting that despite trying out the trend using premium kits, watching tutorials and approaching the task with a sense of play, I still don’t feel confident and, hey, maybe it’s not for me. Given that I have a narrow face and a rather Aquiline nose, I don’t want to make my features appear any slimmer and it’s too easy to end up with cheeks that just look dirty when contouring goes wrong.

Enter strobing, which is the new name for what was previously known as highlighting, and guess what; it’s much harder to mess up!

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NYX is in The Six

NYX Cosmetics
For a cosmetics brand named after the Greek goddess of the night, the launch party to celebrate NYX’s first Canadian stand-alone store did not disappoint.

Candy-coloured sweet and savoury bites created by the all-female pop-up burger crew Burger Pawty were matched by the pastel-haired guests, which included star vloggers Beautycakez, LaurDIY and the confusingly-named c0ok1emonster, while a sampling of the L.A.-based beauty brand’s products from primers to blushes, lipsticks and eyeshadows added to the rainbow.
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