Applause, Applause: The Best Beauty Products of 2016

Ouai texturizing spray


I’ve lost count of the numbers of new beauty items I’ve tested and tried over the last year (mostly for work but sometimes for fun)—creams and serums, blushes and bronzers, mascaras, brow pencils and pomades, lipsticks and stains, oil-based everything and a few new brushes and tools to apply said products.

But not every item that starting popping up on shelves as far back as January is worthy of being singled out. The six gems I’ve chosen weren’t even part of my beauty routine Some nine months ago and now I can’t imagine going without them. Cue the applause.

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A Case for Neutral Nails This Winter

neutral nail polish

Where I’d usually grab a deep burgundy, a classic red or an aubergine come December, now I’m all about the neutral nail.

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Ready, set, morning routine!

good morning beautifulInspired by Into The Glossrecent feature about three different women and how long it takes them to get ready in the a.m., I decided to record my own morning rituals because 1) an average of five minutes seemed impressively low and 2) it sounded fun.
My morning routine isn’t a straight line—it’s more twisty. Akin to the stop-and-start of those mazes on the back of cereal boxes as a kid: I’m in the shower, then I’m steaming a top. I’m putting together some avo-toast and then I’m checking email. Rarely do I, like most I’m sure, just concentrate on my face and hair. Continue reading