Applause, Applause: The Best Beauty Products of 2016

Ouai texturizing spray


I’ve lost count of the numbers of new beauty items I’ve tested and tried over the last year (mostly for work but sometimes for fun)—creams and serums, blushes and bronzers, mascaras, brow pencils and pomades, lipsticks and stains, oil-based everything and a few new brushes and tools to apply said products.

But not every item that starting popping up on shelves as far back as January is worthy of being singled out. The six gems I’ve chosen weren’t even part of my beauty routine Some nine months ago and now I can’t imagine going without them. Cue the applause.

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A Case for Neutral Nails This Winter

neutral nail polish

Where I’d usually grab a deep burgundy, a classic red or an aubergine come December, now I’m all about the neutral nail.

Find out more about why I’m choosing subtlety this season, on

Cold shoulder: Why I keep (some) beauty products in the fridge

nail polish, beauty hackIt used to be that when your nail polish started to gum up, you added a few drops of remover to thin it so you could keep on keepin’ on.

And while it did work sometimes, i.e. you could squeeze out two maybe three more manis before giving up and tossing the bottle, the fix is actually all kinds of wrong since the acetone in most removers is designed to break down the formula of the polish itself. Oops.

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Cheers to fall fashion

wine, byrdie, henrique gendreOkay, so it was still warm enough this week that small beads of sweat collected under the chambray shirt I opted to pair with a cute button-front mini but, when the sun goes down, it becomes impossible not to face facts: fall is on its way.

And while I’m happy enough with the season itself—because COATS SO MANY BEAUTIFUL COATS—it also means the most horrible time of the year is just waiting around the corner to make being outdoors for longer than it takes to jog-walk to the streetcar stop a regrettable affair. Winter. Is. Coming. (And I don’t even watch “Game of Thrones.”)

Before that happens, let’s celebrate the upcoming sartorial options that have blossomed before us like a carnation from the seats cards at Oscar de la Renta in the best possible way: by looking at the influence of alcohol on the colour story.
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