Applause, Applause: The Best Beauty Products of 2016

Ouai texturizing spray


I’ve lost count of the numbers of new beauty items I’ve tested and tried over the last year (mostly for work but sometimes for fun)—creams and serums, blushes and bronzers, mascaras, brow pencils and pomades, lipsticks and stains, oil-based everything and a few new brushes and tools to apply said products.

But not every item that starting popping up on shelves as far back as January is worthy of being singled out. The six gems I’ve chosen weren’t even part of my beauty routine Some nine months ago and now I can’t imagine going without them. Cue the applause.

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Blair Eadie’s Fall Nail Polish Collab Lets You Steal Her Style

The bi-coastal blogger behind Atlantic//Pacific partnered with Formula X for a limited edition collection based on her signature style.

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Blemish patrol: How to make that zit disappear

estee lauder, clear difference, acne, acne treatmentEven if your high school days are well behind you, it doesn’t mean you won’t get the occasional acne flare-up. Hormones, stress and diet can all contribute to what happens on the surface of your skin well into adulthood and while it may not be as devastating as a prom zit it can be just as frustrating to deal with.

Confession: In high school, I had one of those deep cystic pimples that looked like a horn was trying to break though my forehead and a good friend of mine could. not. stop. staring. I couldn’t really blame her and we still talk, and laugh, about it to this day.

Truth be told, I don’t have much to complain about when it comes to my skin; it’s relatively problem-free if slightly on the dry side but I still get those epic, can’t-look-away blemishes that I want to deal with ASAP.

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NYX is in The Six

NYX Cosmetics
For a cosmetics brand named after the Greek goddess of the night, the launch party to celebrate NYX’s first Canadian stand-alone store did not disappoint.

Candy-coloured sweet and savoury bites created by the all-female pop-up burger crew Burger Pawty were matched by the pastel-haired guests, which included star vloggers Beautycakez, LaurDIY and the confusingly-named c0ok1emonster, while a sampling of the L.A.-based beauty brand’s products from primers to blushes, lipsticks and eyeshadows added to the rainbow.
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Beauty Buzz: Birchbox celebrates you

Birchbox, Birchbox Canada
It’s been nearly a year since the popular beauty subscription service made its way to Canada, and five years since its inaugural U.S. bundle made makeup junkies and beauty sample fiends very happy.

Now Birchbox is showing its appreciation with a loaded September offering dedicated to the customer, complete with a bright and colourful box that whispers the positive sentiment in gold cursive font: “Psst…you’re beautiful.”

The painterly box houses six must-have items from caffeine eye cream to maybe the best-smelling body scrub ever. Let’s dig in! Continue reading

Alexa Chung: Multi-hyphenate mogul

alexa chung
The husky-voiced Brit is more than a leggy model whose gams make a strong case for flats even when formal. She’s more than the envy of every girl who’s tried to master the cat eye.

She’s more than the author of a cheeky memoir/advice book—aptly named “It”—more than a frequent collaborator with cool brands, still more than “the ultimate millennial bait.” She’s a budding techie and you can call her Alexa Zuckerberg-Chung. Continue reading

Ready, set, morning routine!

good morning beautifulInspired by Into The Glossrecent feature about three different women and how long it takes them to get ready in the a.m., I decided to record my own morning rituals because 1) an average of five minutes seemed impressively low and 2) it sounded fun.
My morning routine isn’t a straight line—it’s more twisty. Akin to the stop-and-start of those mazes on the back of cereal boxes as a kid: I’m in the shower, then I’m steaming a top. I’m putting together some avo-toast and then I’m checking email. Rarely do I, like most I’m sure, just concentrate on my face and hair. Continue reading