10 Ultimate ‘90s Seinfeld Fashion Moments You Can Wear Today

Seinfeld ‘90s fashion is definitely of its time but there’s a way to wear Elaine, Jerry, Kramer and George’s iconic outfits that works for today

The show about nothing gave us SO MUCH, including unlikely style moments that feel relevant almost 30 years after the iconic sitcom premiered

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The 8 Best TV Shows of 2016


Pamela Adlon in Better Things (via FXnowcanada.ca)

Clarity right out of the gates: this list is in no way exhaustive, in case the single digit didn’t tip you off, and will include shows that may not have premiered this year but had a great 2016 in terms of storyline, character development or just a really well-executed few episodes that made it a contender amongst this year’s crop of excellent small-screen work.

Feel free to debate/defend in the comments!

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