Ryan Kwanten, Sara Canning on The Right Kind of Wrong

Cineplex Movie Blog – The Right Kind of Wrong interview

The sleepy but postcard-pretty town of Pincher Creek, Alberta provides the ideal backdrop for director Jeremiah S. Chechik‘s decade-in-the-making romantic comedy whose major appeal, according to star Ryan Kwanten, is that it doesn’t play like a rom-com.

We spoke to the “True Blood” star about playing the role of Leo Palamino, failed writer, slacker extraordinaire, recent divorcé and suddenly in love with Colette (Sara Canning) – whom he meets AT HER WEDDING – when the cast was in town during TIFF.


What’s the fuss? The ladies in risque French film say it’s just sex

Cineplex Movie Blog – Blue is the Warmest Color interview

From the moment young Adèle (Adèle Exarchopoulos) serendipitously spots the indigo locks of the mysterious older girl across the street one day, she’s hooked.

Blue is the Warmest Color treats audiences to the first, tentative blush of young love and follows a lesbian couple (Lea Seydoux is the blue-haired Emma) as they casually date, then start a life together and all the pain, joy and lust, in between.

That last part is what most people know about the film, even outside of the impressive Palme d’Or win at this year’s Cannes. And it’s specifically a 10-minute-long highly intimate, graphic and well-lit, sex scene between the two leads that has tongues wagging but ask the actresses themselves and they don’t seem to understand what all the fuss is about.

Two-part Gravity interview

Cineplex Movie Blog – Alfonso Cuaron on Sandra and outer space

It’s been seven years since Mexican auteur Alfonso Cuarón directed a feature film and after the impression he left with Children of Men, audiences were understandably hungry for more of his singular storytelling and knack for creating unforgettable visuals.

With his space saga Gravity, Cuarón took a different approach, thanks in part to his son and co-screenwriter Jonás Cuarón, and decided to use dialogue sparingly, instead letting the visual metaphor of the medical engineer (Sandra Bullock in a superb and committed performance) in a free fall during a botched space mission quicken your pulse, pull at heartstrings and awe its audience with views you’d swear were real.

Finding humour in Hollywood

Cineplex Movie Blog – Talking Don Jon with ScarJo & JGL

For his first time behind the camera, Joseph Gordon-Levitt (The Dark Knight Rises, (500) Days of Summer), chose a subject (target?) close to home: Hollywood.

With Don Jon, which he stars in and wrote, Gordon-Levitt uses a young man’s compulsive consumption of internet porn as a metaphor for the daily objectification we’re all guilty of while pointing the finger at the media machine that makes doing so seem natural and easy.

So while you think this may just be a movie about porn, hard bodies and pretty gals, think again.

Nick Frost & Edgar Wright interview

Cineplex Movie Blog – Laughing all the way to The World’s End

First they did their version of a zombie-comedy mash-up. Then they set their sights on a Michael Bay-type actioner that swapped mindless babes for witty buddy cops. And now the trio of funny Brits are doing a pub crawl where aliens, not beer bloat, threaten to derail the good times.