Flower Power: Beauty’s Latest Trend Is an Ode to a Rose

Rose oilThe flower that’s synonymous with Valentine’s Day—and, for better or worse, The Bachelor—is having a moment as a key ingredient and a colour muse. Throughout its long existence, the rose has been separated into its parts and liquefied, made into essential oil and otherwise processed and distilled for a wide array of benefits, from anti-inflammation to anti-aging, hydration and skin repair. But while the rose’s role as a power player on your beauty shelf is nothing new, the ways that some brands are tipping their hats to the hard-working flower is. So it’s worth giving the popular (#basic) bloom a fresh look.
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Why This 5-Step Nail Treatment System Is Everything

Londontown nail treatment system

This packaging is !!!

Yes genetics, environment, diet and lifestyle all play a part in how the aging process will hit you—gently, like a summer’s breeze or punishing like a tropical storm—but most people who have the time, money and inclination have smartened up with a skincare regimen that does some (okay A LOT) of the work for them.

So why doesn’t the same hold true for nails? A nice mani is one thing but kept-up nails that are clean, smartly filed and healthy-looking have long been a priority to me because if I feel good from the neck up but my nails are an uneven mess, something is off.

I was very eager to get my hands on Londontown’s Nail Treatment System to see for myself and test drive the multi-step system.

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I Tried It: Bold White Winter Liner Inspired by Chanel

This year, Chanel’s Métiers d’Art pre-fall show was held at the opulent, newly redesigned Ritz Paris, and while everyone was talking about the celeb-heavy

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What’s the deal with strobing?

NYX strobing kit

So I’ve mastered contouring…or not. I have no shame in admitting that despite trying out the trend using premium kits, watching tutorials and approaching the task with a sense of play, I still don’t feel confident and, hey, maybe it’s not for me. Given that I have a narrow face and a rather Aquiline nose, I don’t want to make my features appear any slimmer and it’s too easy to end up with cheeks that just look dirty when contouring goes wrong.

Enter strobing, which is the new name for what was previously known as highlighting, and guess what; it’s much harder to mess up!

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Here’s why I’m digging the fermented beauty trend

imageI don’t really get tea. In the mornings, I am only interested in hot black coffee puffing little steam clouds from an oversized mug or cardboard cup. The smell is comforting, familiar and bold; everything that tea, to me, isn’t.

But I fully recognize that tea is powerful in other ways, namely that certain varieties are packed with antioxidants that are hugely beneficial to my overall health. And the latest buzz on tea makes a stronger case for the stuff: it’s all about the power of kombucha.

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My favourite dry shampoos are perfect for brunettes

andreadryshampoo-1200x560It took me years to get here but I now prefer lived-in, dirty hair misted with a few blasts of dry shampoos to squeaky clean locks. My 20-year-old self would be speechless.

But for a brunette like me, the struggle to keep dry shampoo’s white residue down to a minimum is real. Thankfully there are a few brands who have woken up to what’s going on with us non-blondes—see what I did there?—and cater to the Bettys AND the Veronicas. That means I can sleep in for an extra 15, spray my fringe with abandon and face the day knowing that I’m not giving off granny vibes.

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I tried all the face wipes so you don’t have to

facial wipes, glow.caRemember a time before face wipes? Me neither! I like to use these handy little helpers at the end of my nightly cleansing routine to make sure my face is as grime-free as possible…or use them on their own after an evening out when I can’t commit to a multi-step process. (We’ve all been there.)

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