Jennifer Aniston: Naughty or nice?

Cineplex Movie Blog – Welcome to Jennifer Aniston’s second act

The sitcom star who set off a haircut craze and launched a decade’s worth of “Unlucky in Love” tabloid covers isn’t the girl next door anymore. In fact, at 44, with a body that would beg to differ, Jennifer Aniston is suddenly full of surprises, most recently playing a stripper in a raunchy comedy about drug smuggling.

Welcome to Jennifer Aniston’s second act.


How to watch a Terrence Malick movie

Cineplex Magazine – How to watch a Terrence Malick movie

Filmmakers don’t get much more enigmatic than Terrence Malick.

In an industry where so much depends on putting a face to a product, the reclusive Malick doesn’t appear in movie promotions and all but refuses to speak with the press, which, of course, makes him even more worth knowing.

The writer-director-producer creates work that’s polarizing, as likely to get booed at Cannes as get nominated for an Oscar (see: The Tree of Life). And since he’s not interested in explaining or clarifying his motives, the films have to speak for themselves.