Alexa Chung: Multi-hyphenate mogul

alexa chung
The husky-voiced Brit is more than a leggy model whose gams make a strong case for flats even when formal. She’s more than the envy of every girl who’s tried to master the cat eye.

She’s more than the author of a cheeky memoir/advice book—aptly named “It”—more than a frequent collaborator with cool brands, still more than “the ultimate millennial bait.” She’s a budding techie and you can call her Alexa Zuckerberg-Chung. Continue reading


5 Questions with Meghan Markle

The Suits star dishes on her lifestyle blog & beauty faves

She may be best known for playing paralegal Rachel Zane on the popular filmed-in-Toronto TV series “Suits,” but Meghan Markle‘s true passion is what she’s putting on her plate. Last year, the self-described foodie launched lifestyle blog The Tig—named after an a-ha moment had while sipping Italian wine Tignanello—and joined the ranks of Blake, Olivia and Gwyneth before her by opening up to her fans and sharing everything from travel tips to cooking inspiration and beauty advice.