Winter skin saviours: What I’m using

First things first: Happy 2016! Hope your year is off to a great start.

winter skin, beauty, winter skin saviour, winter beauty survivalI don’t know about you but I definitely didn’t rush out to the theatres on December 18 and I’m not sure that I’ll even necessarily watch The Force Awakens, considering I didn’t bother with any of the other entries in the canon from the past 15 years (although Adam Driver‘s presence makes a strong case in and of itself) but permit me to make a Star Wars reference: It’s cold as Hoth outside.

It’s boring, and SO Canadian, to talk about the weather but when the temperature drastically descends overnight and that first blast of icy air hits you full-on as you head to work/play/brunch/dinner, it’s a hot (cold) topic.

The reality of true winter weather is depressing on a general level—it makes going out a whole ordeal and that’s saying nothing of waiting for transit or tardy friends—and can mean trouble on a dermal scale since the cold front tends to dry out all exposed skin, mainly lips, cheeks, and if you don’t have proper gloves or mittens, hands.

Here are some products that I’ll be reaching for from January to March to protect against winter dryness. Continue reading