Cold shoulder: Why I keep (some) beauty products in the fridge

nail polish, beauty hackIt used to be that when your nail polish started to gum up, you added a few drops of remover to thin it so you could keep on keepin’ on.

And while it did work sometimes, i.e. you could squeeze out two maybe three more manis before giving up and tossing the bottle, the fix is actually all kinds of wrong since the acetone in most removers is designed to break down the formula of the polish itself. Oops.

Of course there are specialty items, like OPI’s Nail Lacquer Thinner, that are designed to extend the life of the stuff but being smart about storage is, well, smart, and like J. Lo’s love don’t cost a thing.

First order of business: stop putting your bottles in the bathroom! The heat of the shower and the lack of air circulation is a recipe for polish disaster and who wants to get only two good applications when you’re sometimes spending upwards of $10 ($15? $20? No judgment here) per bottle?

Instead, carve out some prime real estate in the fridge between your soy sauce and Sriracha and make a home for your cherry reds and neutral nudes. The cool, dark setting is the perfect place since it lets the formula stay put. Warmth only serves to activate the polish’s solvents and we do not want that. I’ve been using my fridge as an erstwhile vanity for the last year and have had to throw out exactly zero clumpy polishes.

I also like storing any eye creams, masks or eye pads in the fridge since the coolness helps to de-puff immediately and keeps potentially sensitive ingredients from reacting. The same would hold true for perfume, since excessive heat and humidity can wreak havoc on the contents and tamper with the original scent, but I can’t bring myself to remove my not-really-all-that-fancy bottle of REPLICA Funfair Evening by Maison Martin Margiela from its post in my bedroom.

Fragrance in the fridge? I’m just not there. Yet.


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