My favourite dry shampoos are perfect for brunettes

andreadryshampoo-1200x560It took me years to get here but I now prefer lived-in, dirty hair misted with a few blasts of dry shampoos to squeaky clean locks. My 20-year-old self would be speechless.

But for a brunette like me, the struggle to keep dry shampoo’s white residue down to a minimum is real. Thankfully there are a few brands who have woken up to what’s going on with us non-blondes—see what I did there?—and cater to the Bettys AND the Veronicas. That means I can sleep in for an extra 15, spray my fringe with abandon and face the day knowing that I’m not giving off granny vibes.

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Cold shoulder: Why I keep (some) beauty products in the fridge

nail polish, beauty hackIt used to be that when your nail polish started to gum up, you added a few drops of remover to thin it so you could keep on keepin’ on.

And while it did work sometimes, i.e. you could squeeze out two maybe three more manis before giving up and tossing the bottle, the fix is actually all kinds of wrong since the acetone in most removers is designed to break down the formula of the polish itself. Oops.

Of course there are specialty items, like OPI’s Nail Lacquer Thinner, that are designed to extend the life of the stuff but being smart about storage is, well, smart, and like J. Lo’s love don’t cost a thing. Continue reading

I tried all the face wipes so you don’t have to

facial wipes, glow.caRemember a time before face wipes? Me neither! I like to use these handy little helpers at the end of my nightly cleansing routine to make sure my face is as grime-free as possible…or use them on their own after an evening out when I can’t commit to a multi-step process. (We’ve all been there.)

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