Ghosts of Halloweens past

Halloween, witchHalloween rules. Uncool as it may be to say that from the vantage point of a person who is well past the age where dragging around a pillow case brimming with stranger-donated candy is cute, or even socially acceptable, it’s one of my favourite times of year.

I grew up in a harsh Northern Ontario climate that necessitated a costume roomy enough to accommodate a snowsuit, so when sub-zero temperatures weren’t as much of a potent threat, it was time to get creative. (Plus, who grows out of the excitement of a late-October sugar rush?)

Or at least I thought I was creative. Like Lena Dunham‘s recent Lenny essay about her Halloween disasters, I decided to look back at my costume choices during the early aughts. I’m not exactly ashamed but I’m definitely guilty of not truly getting into the Halloween spirit (i.e. anything remotely scary or truly gross). I tend to prefer a pop culture reference that, best-case-scenario, lets me shop my closet to complete the look and avoid tedious props.

May I present a few of my hits & misses from the past eight years. Not pictured—that year in high school when I went as Marilyn Manson and convinced a handful of friends to go as members of his band. YUP.

Halloween, halloween costume, pop culture halloween, lena dunahm, Lenny newsletter, dressing up, costumes
Amy Winehouse – 2007 (I could never get the laissez-faire face right so I didn’t bother trying. I remember a kid who was trick-or-treating calling out from the doorway that I was Amy Winehouse. He was maybe 5, in case you’re wondering about her popularity then. R.I.P.)
Holly Golightly – 2008 (For no reason other than I had that black dress.)
Cher – 2009 (After years of people remarking that we shared a similar look, I tried to own it. And then people thought I was a Go-go dancer.)
“Zombie Golightly” – 2011 (Running out of creative juice but bonus points for getting spooky + pun!)
Suzy Bishop from Moonrise Kingdom – 2012 (My camera-shy now-fiance was Sam. Cue the awwwwws. Still a favourite.)
Halloween, Minnie Mouse, French Kiss
French Kiss – 2013 (I cannot resist a pun. Plus, when your costume is basically buying a beret, that’s a win.)
Minnie Mouse – 2014 (The Minnie ears were from a fashion show so the rest essentially wrote itself. Fun fact: I scotch-taped all of those paper circles onto the skirt and they fell off all night. So annoying.)


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