Alexa Chung: Multi-hyphenate mogul

alexa chung
The husky-voiced Brit is more than a leggy model whose gams make a strong case for flats even when formal. She’s more than the envy of every girl who’s tried to master the cat eye.

She’s more than the author of a cheeky memoir/advice book—aptly named “It”—more than a frequent collaborator with cool brands, still more than “the ultimate millennial bait.” She’s a budding techie and you can call her Alexa Zuckerberg-Chung.

The 31-year-old has created an app called Villoid—she’s promised an explanation later on the weird-sounding sci-fi name—that’s targeted to her many fans and followers as a way to make online shopping easy and playful.

Part e-comm site, part inspiration board, Villoid lets members follow brands, like DKNY, The Row, Opening Ceremony and Marc by Marc Jacobs, follow other stylish users, peek at their self-made boards or search via product and purchase the items that just belong in their closets.

It’s an ingenious concept that’s user-friendly and tailor-made for endless scrolling, impulse buys and will help anyone keen to emulate that signature Chung style or build out her own fall wardrobe.

And because Chung is endlessly curious, charismatic and candid, she’s not one to sit back and enjoy her new status as a bourgeoning tech mogul. She’s pulling back the curtain on the fashion industry for her British Vogue-partnered YouTube documentary series. In the show, she tries to answer questions from students, designers and those trying to make a name for themselves in the biz and profiles top-tier talent to get a read on where the business is headed, all while learning about a professional she knows as an insider.

I wonder if she has time for a Canadian best friend…

[Photo via Alexa Chung’s Instagram]


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