Bespoke beauty finds

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As a culture, we’re experiencing a moment when the individualized experience is king, ahem, QUEEN, and adding a DIY slant to every conceivable purchase, product and ephemera is all but required to ensure this thing we’re holding/wearing/’gramming is irrevocably ours.

The beauty world is of course fertile ground for customization since even though it peddles in mass wares, there is enough variety in the woman or man who’s buying it that it all but demands some tinkering to get it juuuuuuust right.

I personally love treating makeup like my own painter’s palette—since I don’t actually, you know, paint—and explore what it would look like if I combined this cream blush with this powder one or make a lipstick sandwich with a bold matte option as the meat.

Some brands are smartly building the demands of the bespoke culture right into their products or going a step further by inviting customers into the creative process—of course that option is highly contingent on geography and wallet size. The message, though, remains the same: these items are better for your inspired interference. Couldn’t agree more.

Top picks:
Cover FX Custom Drops
TooFaced Beach Bunny Custom-blend Bronzer
THE BLEND by Fred Segal
Sephora Lip Mixology Palette

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