Bespoke beauty finds

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As a culture, we’re experiencing a moment when the individualized experience is king, ahem, QUEEN, and adding a DIY slant to every conceivable purchase, product and ephemera is all but required to ensure this thing we’re holding/wearing/’gramming is irrevocably ours.

The beauty world is of course fertile ground for customization since even though it peddles in mass wares, there is enough variety in the woman or man who’s buying it that it all but demands some tinkering to get it juuuuuuust right. Continue reading


The cutoff: Why I’m giving up shorts

Denim shortsThe key to walking through the world with confidence, poise and ease is knowing what works for you.

This is true when it comes to careers, to religion, to relationships, to family and to friends.

It’s trite now but “you do you” is, at its core, a powerful idea.

And when it comes to fashion, doing you means not chasing a trend, even if it speaks to you on a deep level, because it doesn’t flatter your silhouette.
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Beauty Buzz: Next level sheet masks

THEFACESHOP, sheet masksBy now we’ve all discovered that the get-good-skin-quick trick is the hard-working sheet mask. You know, that thing you carefully remove from its wrapper, unfold and slide onto your face, making you resemble an unimaginative thief, a horror movie monster or an extra member of Pussy Riot (which, bonus: feminist face mask!). Like most beauty products, sheet masks are not created equal. Some are overrun with product, which can make for a goopy mess; some never properly adhere to your skin and sit there like a saggy sack.
But when they’re good, they’re gooood. Here’s a closer look at four different sheet masks that are upping the game. Continue reading

Why Trainwreck isn’t the Amy Schumer movie you’re expecting

Trainwreck, Amy SchumerSo, firstly: I’m a fan of Amy Schumer. I’ve followed all three seasons of her fantastic and feminist Comedy Central sketch show and laugh, wince, nod and balk at the inappropriate, sticky and icky situations her often clueless characters find themselves in. I think she’s talented and deserves all of the hype and accolades her bitingly funny work has yielded and was excited at the idea of a movie where she’s the centre and driving force as writer and star. That’s why the end result is so disappointing. SPOILERS HEREIN SO CONSIDERED YOURSELF WARNED. Continue reading