Ready, set, morning routine!

good morning beautifulInspired by Into The Glossrecent feature about three different women and how long it takes them to get ready in the a.m., I decided to record my own morning rituals because 1) an average of five minutes seemed impressively low and 2) it sounded fun.
My morning routine isn’t a straight line—it’s more twisty. Akin to the stop-and-start of those mazes on the back of cereal boxes as a kid: I’m in the shower, then I’m steaming a top. I’m putting together some avo-toast and then I’m checking email. Rarely do I, like most I’m sure, just concentrate on my face and hair.
The writer Katie Sherman did acknowledge that this experiment was far from scientific—”When an iPhone timer is involved, you stay focused”—and that her mere presence would keep the three subjects on track.
I was less disciplined but made sure to stop and start the timer to capture my time as accurately as possible.
A few things: I have zero kids, no pets, one fiance—I hate using that word as much as you hate reading it—so my time in the morning is truly my own. I imagine if I had other distractions/priorities, my time would be differently spent. I don’t drive and usually bike to work so I’m not rushing out the door to beat the traffic. Again, my mornings aren’t exactly a zen experience but I don’t feel the need to find a quick makeup solution. A privilege, I’m sure, and important when laying out my get-ready time. Here goes!
Skin: Prevage anti-aging moisture lotion broad spectrum sunscreen SPF 30
Amorepacific Time response skin renewal crème
Face: Garnier skin renew BB cream
Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow
Brows: Bespoke brow kit from Ritual
Eyes: Maybelline Volum’ Express Colossal Chaotic Lash & Too Faced Better Than Sex mascaras
Lancôme le crayon khôl eyeliner
Undereyes: NARS radiant creamy concealer
Cheeks: MAC powder blush
Lips: Estée Lauder pure color envy sculpting shine Lipstick in Empowered but more often than not Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Gloss
Hair: (if washed) Drybar hot toddy heat protector + ghd flat iron (if unwashed) Klorane natural shade dry shampoo with oat milk and a topknot
Final time: 14:02
Having timed myself and itemized all of the things that I use on any given day, I think we can do away with the judge-y qualifiers of low or high maintenance and all agree it’s about maintenance. I say, go forth and get ready, however that looks for you.

Photo via weheartit


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