What you need to know about face mapping

Dermalogica, face mappingThe road to better skin isn’t likely to include any shortcuts but a map is always helpful.

Dermalogica‘s innovative skin analysis service—incorporating techniques from Eastern Chinese medicine—is called Face Mapping and involves a hands-on reading of your skin by trained skin therapists. So, what does that mean?

The face, neck and décolleté are divided into 14 zones, which allows the therapist to focus and read each area at a time to come up with a more accurate picture of just what’s going on beneath the surface. In other words, while your T-Zone may be oily that doesn’t mean your whole face follows suit and compartmentalizing means getting closer to exactly what your skin needs. Win-win.

The process is quick—less than 10 minutes—and using clean, ungloved hands and magnification, the Face Mapping expert comes up with a visual map that shows what’s going on where. This map will be different for everyone as will the specific Dermalogica products recommended to address whatever concerns are identified like congestion, breakouts, dehydration (always an issue for me, no matter the season) and/or hyperpigmentation.

A detour that takes 5 minutes and could lead to your best skin yet? I’ll head down that road.

For Face Mapping details near you, head here.


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