Ready, set, morning routine!

good morning beautifulInspired by Into The Glossrecent feature about three different women and how long it takes them to get ready in the a.m., I decided to record my own morning rituals because 1) an average of five minutes seemed impressively low and 2) it sounded fun.
My morning routine isn’t a straight line—it’s more twisty. Akin to the stop-and-start of those mazes on the back of cereal boxes as a kid: I’m in the shower, then I’m steaming a top. I’m putting together some avo-toast and then I’m checking email. Rarely do I, like most I’m sure, just concentrate on my face and hair. Continue reading


The enduring appeal of the French girl

French Girls, DynamiteThey’re the reason the phrase je ne sais quoi was invented.

From Marie Antoinette (actually Austrian) to Jane Birkin (British but Serge) to Emmanuelle Alt and Léa Seydoux (both born and raised in Paris) and the ones whose names you don’t know, pop culture has been charmed, bewitched, smitten and titillated by those madames and mademoiselles for hundreds of years, making their mythical allure a cliché for the ages.

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What you need to know about face mapping

Dermalogica, face mappingThe road to better skin isn’t likely to include any shortcuts but a map is always helpful.

Dermalogica‘s innovative skin analysis service—incorporating techniques from Eastern Chinese medicine—is called Face Mapping and involves a hands-on reading of your skin by trained skin therapists. So, what does that mean? Continue reading

Beauty Buzz: The best mascaras right now

Maybelline Volum' Express Colassal Chaotic Lash

(Image via

If you’re like me, it’s rare you’re using any one product on its own. I’m constantly juggling and mixing BB creams with concealers, layering lipsticks with glosses and dabbing a host of fragrances on my wrists, behind the ears and on my collarbone. Because aren’t we all just mad scientists Frankenstein-ing what’s on our vanities to suit our own individual beauty needs?

When it comes to mascara, that means the most volume, length and fullness without dryness or flaking. No small task, that.

So here are three of my favourite mascaras at the moment, to be used all together or mixed and matched for maximum lashes.

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