Oscar Isaac Gets Inside Llewyn Davis



The artist in repose

“Why would anyone beat up a folk singer?”

Bearded, turtleneck-wearing, acoustic-guitar strumming musicians don’t normally inspire fits of rage but filmmaking brothers Joel and Ethan Coen used the curious question as a spark for Inside Llewyn Davis, their portrait of a struggling 1960s-era Greenwich Village musician — and it’s clear from the start that Llewyn Davis is no Bob Dylan.

Played by Oscar Isaac (Drive, Robin Hood), Davis is angrier than one might expect, driven by the pursuit of an authentic music career, his guitar the only constant as he traipses around a blustery New York with permanently wet shoes and no winter coat.

The 33-year-old actor was on the phone from New York when we spoke about why the movie reminds him of a folk song, how a camel and Buster Keaton inspired his performance and what it was like singing live on set.

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