Mia Wasikowska’s wild year

Cineplex Movie Blog – Wasikowska on Tracks, The Double, Only Lovers Left Alive

She travelled through Alice Springs with camels, played an undead brat for Jim Jarmusch and fell for two versions of Jesse Eisenberg – three if you count the real him whom she’s currently dating – and if you think you have trouble keeping Mia Wasikowska‘s recent batch of films straight, imagine how she feels.

The reserved and soft-spoken 24-year-old Aussie is at the Toronto International Film Festival with John Curran‘s true-story travelogue Tracks, Jarmusch’s vampire tale Only Lovers Left Alive and Richard Ayoade‘s identity mind-trip The Double and though the films themselves couldn’t be more at odds with one another, the constant is, of course, the actress who brings her singular presence to each.


Julia Louis-Dreyfus on her ‘delicious’ role

Cineplex Movie Blog – JLD talks Enough Said

Whether you know her as Elaine Benes or the Veep, you definitely know Julia Louis-Dreyfus, though her still-funny but more dramatic turn in Nicole Holofcener‘s Enough Said will likely surprise audiences who’ve watched her for the past few decades.

And she’s okay with that.

Louis-Dreyfus sat down in front of a dozen journalists to talk about her film, screening at the Toronto International Film Festival, looking ageless and casually-dressed in a black leather jacket, scarf and glasses, to chat about a role she called “just delicious,” her co-star, dearly departed James Gandolfini in his first stab at a comedic leading man, and finding a kindred spirit in Holofcener.

Must-see TIFF

Cineplex Movie Blog – The controversial, the hidden gems, the star-studded

With 288 features, 78 shorts and 70 countries represented, that’s a hefty amount of cast lists, synopses, video clips and trailers to power through on your way to making smart choices during TIFF and informed choices when said festival movies (eventually or potentially) hit theatres.

But seeing as how we’re in the business of films, and, like you, just plain stoked that the festival is poised to once again infuse our wonderful city with a tangible excitement around all things movies, we’ve gone ahead and made a list of our top choices that we deemed worthy based on story, talent involved, pre-fest hype, and sometimes just plain old curiosity.