Lake Bell goes behind the mic

Cineplex Movie Blog – In a World interview

“In a world…”

Three words that have become, for better or worse, part of the fabric of movie trailers, designed to get audiences prepped for the impending apocalypse, adventure, atrocity, with speaker-rattling vocals that demand your attention.

It’s perhaps taken for granted that these words are spoken by a man, since voice-over titan Don LaFontaine coined the term in the ’70s, effectively shutting women out of the industry and promoting one type of authoritative voice.

But Lake Bell is going to change that. At least in her movie.


Nick Frost & Edgar Wright interview

Cineplex Movie Blog – Laughing all the way to The World’s End

First they did their version of a zombie-comedy mash-up. Then they set their sights on a Michael Bay-type actioner that swapped mindless babes for witty buddy cops. And now the trio of funny Brits are doing a pub crawl where aliens, not beer bloat, threaten to derail the good times.

Jennifer Aniston: Naughty or nice?

Cineplex Movie Blog – Welcome to Jennifer Aniston’s second act

The sitcom star who set off a haircut craze and launched a decade’s worth of “Unlucky in Love” tabloid covers isn’t the girl next door anymore. In fact, at 44, with a body that would beg to differ, Jennifer Aniston is suddenly full of surprises, most recently playing a stripper in a raunchy comedy about drug smuggling.

Welcome to Jennifer Aniston’s second act.